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Collier County Supervisor of Elections
Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building
3750 Enterprise Avenue
Naples, FL 34104
Driving directions

Satellite Office:
Collier County Supervisor of Elections
North Collier Government Services Center
2335 Orange Blossom Drive
Naples, FL 34109

Phone: (239) 252-VOTE (8683)
Fax: (239) 774-9468



Jennifer J. Edwards

Supervisor of Elections
(239) 252-8683

Melissa Blazier

Chief Deputy Supervisor of Elections
(239) 252-8683

Media Contact

Press, Social Media & Election Worker Support

Voter Education & Outreach

Voter Education, Registration Drives & Diplomat Support

Candidate Qualifying

Candidate Qualifying & Campaign Finance

Trish Robertson

Election Communications Coordinator
(239) 252-8052

Heather Doane

Voter Education Coordinator
(239) 252-8805

Dave Carpenter

Qualifying Officer
(239) 252-8501

Election Worker Training — (239) 252-8052

Election Worker Training & Support, Adopt-a-Precinct, & Early Voting:

Roger Munz

Training Director
(239) 252-8497

Kevin Turner

Training Officer
(239) 252-6235

Customer Service — (239) 252-8683

Voter Registration, Address Changes & Elections Dates & Deadlines

Aixa Capizzi

Customer Service Supervisor

Shavontae Dominique

Customer Service Rep

Tricia Mill

Customer Service Rep

Vote-by-Mail — (239) 252-8683

Vote-by-Mail Support:

Eric West

 Vote-by-Mail/Customer Service Director

Kerry Black

Vote-by-Mail Supervisor

Justin Vacca

Vote-by-Mail Coordinator

Information Technology — (239) 252-8683

IT Support, Ballot Design & Tabulation, GIS Support

Eric Zimmerman

IT Director

Israel Hernandez

IT Network Administrator

Joseph Hudak

Network Security Specialist

Robert Cruz

GIS/IT Support Specialist

Election Services

Election Logistics & Equipment Support

Graphic Design & Website Support

William Kocses

Election Services Director

Jake Pirosseno

Election Services Coordinator

Lisa Lewis

Graphics & Web Support