Election Day Information

Precinct Information

On Election Day, the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Registered voters are required to vote at the assigned precinct of his/her legal residence. Use our Precinct Finder to locate a precinct or call (239) 252-VOTE for more information.

Access to the polls:

In accordance with Chapter 102.031(3), F.S., the only persons allowed inside the polling place during the voting hours include:

  • Election workers

  • Electors who live in the precinct and are there to vote

  • Electors requiring assistance in voting

  • Official poll watchers approved for the precinct by the Supervisor – §101.131, F.S.

  • The Supervisor of Elections and/or elections staff

  • Law enforcement/emergency service personnel (if needed)


Assistance in Voting

Florida Statutes §101.051 prohibits anyone from being with the elector when he/she casts their vote unless the elector has previously requested a need for assistance.

If not previously identified as requiring assistance, the elector must complete an affidavit before anyone will be permitted to accompany the elector into the voting booth.

If the elector does not bring a person to provide assistance, two Inspectors of different political affiliations must accompany the elector to the voting booth.


FL is a Closed Primary State

Florida is a CLOSED Primary State. When voting in a Primary Election, §101.021, F.S., requires electors to vote in the party with which the elector is registered when the registration books closed for that election.