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Update Signature

Why should I update my signature?


When voting in person, by provisional ballot, or by Vote-by-Mail ballot, Florida election law requires each voter to sign a Voter’s Certificate. While an exact match of a voter’s signature is not required, the signature must reasonably match the signature of record.

All voters should consider periodically updating their signature on file with our office.

Ensuring that the signature on file with our office is fresh will help alleviate delays at the polls when matching the signature at check in, and can prevent a Vote-by-Mail ballot from being disqualified due to a non-matching signature.

Voters should update their signature if: 

  • Voter signature has changed over time.

  • Voter updated signature at Driver License office and experienced difficulty with electronic signature pad.

  • Voter decided to change the style of signature.

  • Voter adopted different styles of signature for professional and personal use.

  • Voter name changed.

  • Voter has hand injury or change in motor skills.

  • Last signature on file is over 10 years old and may lack sufficient detail for comparison with current signature.


How do I update my signature?


To update a signature, Florida Statute 98.077(1) requires an original signature (not electronic) on a Florida Voter Registration Application.


Florida Voter Registration Application forms can be downloaded below, or you may request one from our office at (239) 252-VOTE (8683). Mail or deliver the original application to our office.


Download Florida Voter Registration Application form

Descargar el formulario de registro de votantes en espaƱol

The application is used for both new and changed registrations. If already registered, voters should check the “Record Update/Change” box, and complete items 1 through 7, and item 12 (original signature).

Note: To update other information (such as address, party affiliation, or name), show those changes on the same application. A separate application is not required. Include full middle name and name suffix, if any. The “Address Where You Live” must be the voter’s legal residence, not a commercial address or PO Box. The optional “Mailing Address” (if different from legal residence) must be a permanent mail address, not a seasonal address.

For voters who routinely use different styles of signature (for example, professional versus personal), we recommend keeping a copy of the updated voter registration application as a reminder of which signature is used for voting purposes.

If you have questions, please call our office at (239) 252-VOTE (8683).


Why is Power of Attorney (POA) not acceptable?


Per Florida Attorney General Opinion 78-89.


“An agent appointed pursuant to a power of attorney may be authorized to do whatever one can lawfully do individually, except those acts so peculiarly personal that their performance cannot be delegated. … The authorities and decisional case law are in general accord that the acts of voting and registration are of such personal character that they may not be delegated to an agent, …”