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School Zone

U.S. Federal Government

Photo collage of elections staff working with students in various programs

U.S. Treasury

Tours & Treasures, History, About Savings Bonds, Know Your Money, Bond Calculator, Dog of the Month, Bond Wizard.

The Smithsonian

National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of History, National Air and Space Museum, Resources and Tours, Events and Activities.

Social Security Administration

Explanation of Social Security, Social Security and Work, Saving Money through stories.

FBI Kid's and Youth Educational Page

Crime Detection, Crime Prevention, Special Junior Agent Program, Games.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

These pages explain the process for Federal Officials. 

U.S. Department of Energy- KidzZone

These pages offer interactive sections for kids to learn about energy.

United States Environmental Protection Agency- Explorer's Club

This site allows children to learn about the environment and ways to keep it safe for the future.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Welcome for Kids

NASA offers a site geared towards the education of children interested in the space program.

How to become President of the United States

Details how to become President of the United states beginning with candidate requirements all the way to the Electoral College and inauguration.


Play games regarding rights and responsibilities, branches of power, court and juries and more.



Florida State Government


Florida State Legislature

 About Your Legislature, Capital History, Capital Tour, State Symbols, Fun Facts, and more.

Department of State- Kids' Page

Florida Government, Facts, Symbols, Folklife, Shipwrecks, and Museums.





County & Local Government


How Counties Work

Targeted toward junior high and high school age students, Counties Work is an online interactive game with a county government focus. Players answer citizen questions, accept or reject suggestions, make infrastructure decisions, consider tax rates, build capital projects and manage emergencies.

Collier County Waste Management - Teacher Resources

Provides resources regarding recycling.

Collier County Waste Management - Kids Corner

Provides resources and games for recycling and the environment.




Other Departments, Administrations & Agencies


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kid's Page

This website offers children a chance to play games, solve problems and riddles and various other fun things.