Third Party Registration & Restoration of Rights

Third-Party Registration


  • Third-Party Registration organization is any person, entity, or organization that collects any voter registration application, but does not include:  
    • a person who seeks only to register to vote or collect a voter registration application from that person’s spouse, child, or parent; or
    • a person engaged in registering to vote or collecting voter registration applications as an employee or agent of the Division of Elections, supervisor of elections, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or an official voter registration agency.

Restoration of Rights


Amendment 4, which addresses the restoration of voting rights after a felony, went into effect on January 8, 2019. Some voters who have been convicted of a felony may need to seek Clemency & Restoration of Rights in order to vote in future elections.

A felony conviction in Florida for murder or a sexual offense makes a person ineligible to vote in Florida.

Any other felony conviction in Florida makes a person ineligible to vote in Florida only if:

  • the person is in prison or jail on the offense;
  • the person is on parole, probation, or another form of supervision on the offense; or
  • the person owes a fine or restitution included in the judgment on the offense—but a fine or restitution does not make the person ineligible if the person is unable to pay it. Unpaid fees or costs do not make a person ineligible to vote.

A felony conviction in another state makes a person ineligible to vote in Florida only if the conviction would make the person ineligible to vote in the state where the person was convicted.

Learn more about Amendment 4 via our Fact Sheet.

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