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COMMENTARY: Post-Election Recap of the Presidential Preference Primary


April 07, 2016

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Trish Robertson
(239) 252-8052

Collier County, Fla.—April 7, 2016: On Friday, March 25, our office officially certified the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary. During this election, more than 49 percent of Collier County\'s voters turned out, superseding our forecast by nearly 10 percent. As a swing state, Florida is one of the most critical states during federal elections and we are proud to report that Collier County received the second highest turnout in the State of Florida during this past election.

Although our office has certified election results, the election cycle is not yet complete. Florida still has two more elections in 2016 including the August 30 Primary and the November 8 General Election - two very important elections for the State of Florida.

August 30 Primary Election: During the Primary Election, electors will vote for state and federal representatives (outside of the presidency). If opposed within their own parties, United States senators, representatives in congress, state representatives and state senators will be on the ballot. This election will also host local contests including constitutional officers and county commission races.

As a reminder, Florida is a Closed Primary State and voters may only vote for candidates within their party affiliation. Voters have until August 1 to register to vote in Florida and to make any updates to their party affiliation. We encourage voters to check their voter information at www.CollierVotes.com if they are unsure of their party registration status.

November 8 General Election: The General Election ballot will list the candidates for the presidency and the winning candidates of the August Primary Election. During this election, voters will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate regardless of their party affiliation.

Voters will also vote on state amendments and - based on their jurisdiction - voters may see, local referenda and contests for district seats such as school board and fire.

During the 2012 Presidential General Election, 83 percent of Collier County voters turned out to cast their ballot in that election, and with no incumbent running, our office is projecting an even higher turnout this year.

We also want to remind voters that there are three ways to vote in Florida including voting by mail. Collier County has a high-transitory population and voters who plan to escape the Florida heat during August, can request a ballot to be delivered to their temporary address via our website or by calling (239)252-VOTE.

We are so proud of all the civic-minded voters who reside in Collier and no matter who you decide to vote for or how you decide to cast your ballot, make your voice heard in 2016!


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