Voting System


In Collier County, during early voting and on Election Day, election workers use machines, rather than paper poll books, to check-in voters. These “EViD” (electronic voter identification) machines are updated real-time with voter information that is critical to determining voter eligibility.

Each voter must provide ‚Äčidentification during check-in. Certain types of identification, like a Florida Driver License, can be “swiped” through the EViD, and others, such as a passport, require the election worker to do a manual search for the voter using a touchsceen keypad.

After locating a voter’s record, the election worker will verify the voter’s address. Then, the voter must sign an electronic signature pad to affirm their eligibility. This signature will be compared with the identification. (Signature Update information)

Upon completion of the check-in process, the election worker will provide each voter with a voting pass, which indicates the type of ballot for their particular residence address.

Note: Provisional voting is available for voters without proper identification or whose eligibility cannot be verified.


Marking the Ballot

Once a voter has received their voting pass, he/she will proceed to the ballot distribution table. During early voting, an election worker will print the voter’s ballot “on-demand”. On Election Day at each precinct, all ballots are pre-printed.

Ballots in Florida are “marksense” ballots, as required by law. Marksense means voters fill in the ovals to vote so the ballot can be tabulated electronically. Instructions are included on the ballots, which are printed in English and Spanish.

Voters will then take their ballots, inside a paper sleeve, to a voting booth for privacy.


Scanning the Ballot

After voters mark the paper ballot, they re-insert it into the privacy sleeve to take it to the scanning machine, called the “DS200." All Florida counties must use mark sense tabulation equipment, such as the DS200.

Voters insert the ballot directly into the DS200, which is a paper-based optical scan voting system that captures and tabulates votes. After scanning, the ballot automatically drops into a secured ballot box. 

Designed to better capture voter intent and improve the election experience, the DS200 will notify the voter if he/she casts a blank ballot and/or over-votes a contest, giving them an opportunity to correct the ballot before it is counted.

After a successful ballot scanning, the voting process is complete!

Note: If voting a provisional ballot, the voter will not insert the ballot into a DS200.



ADA-Compliant Voting

During early voting and on Election Day, ADA-compliant “iVotronic” voting machines are also available and may be used by individuals with disabilities.

The iVotronic has electronic ballots in English and Spanish, a touch-screen with large font, audio capability, and Braille-embossed navigation buttons.